Alitalia Superjets: Is the ‘gatto’ out of the ‘sacco’?

Hard to tell whether Sukhoi Civil Aircraft genuinely didn’t mean to put a Superjet backlog table into its official annual report, or simply didn’t expect anyone to notice it.


Either way, Sukhoi had kittens about this story, hastily withdrew the document and, when it reappeared, the table in question had been scrubbed.


So if you missed it, here’s the original:



sukhoi table.JPG 

And here’s Sukhoi’s explanation for the selective editing…


Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company officially states that in its 2009 Annual Report in the backlog table certain airlines are mentioned by mistake. The same table mistakenly mixed firm orders with slot allocations. The document was erroneously published and will be replaced as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience it might cause.


…which really doesn’t explain very much. It doesn’t explain, for example, how so many “mistakes” ended up in the table, much less how it wound up being published in the official annual report. It doesn’t explain why Sukhoi didn’t simply publish a corrected version. And it doesn’t explain about a hundred other things. Roll on, Farnborough.

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  1. Sam 13 July, 2010 at 7:27 am #

    I wouldn’t believe this for a second. Deliberate lies in order to fatten up the orderbook and impress investors. Alitalia do not have any interest buying the SSJ … As I’m sure their new owners don’t either. The only way this order would ever come to reality would be by political intervention. Just makes the Russian project look as archaic and suspicious as its predecessors.

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