An army of bloggers

Britain’s Armed Forces have begun to blog so that the public can get an idea of what it’s like for soldiers on the front line. 

“Servicemen and women have been blogging for years of course privately on personal pages, but we have never provided the platform to bring all those blogs together before. People can follow just one person or a number of bloggers from one regiment, or indeed read them all,” says Task Force Helmand spokesman, Lt Col James Carr-Smith.

These “correspondents”, are the first of what the Armed Forces hope will become tens, if not hundreds of bloggers serving in conflict zones. 

The main objective is to get those behind the scenes to impart their experiences to the public.

One blogger, Cpl Lewis MacLeod, introduces himself in a post: “I’m an RAF Reservist based at RAF Leuchars in Scotland. I’m normally a nurse in the NHS so I’m out here doing my day job, currently as a ward nurse at the hospital at Camp Bastion…

“The hospital deals with ISAF personnel and Afghan civilians caught up in the conflict, but everyone is treated exactly the same regardless of where they come from. The Geneva Convention is taken very seriously out here. It can be challenging working with the injured children at first, but fortunately your skills kick-in enabling you to deliver the best possible care.” 

RAF blogs from Afghanistan


By Joel Foreman from Sutton Grammar School currently doing work experience with Flightglobal


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