Flightglobal’s Tree of Communication: What is… a tweet up?

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You’ve clicked on the ”tweet ups” leaf on the tree. So what are they?

Some background information: What is Twitter? Twitter.com is a microblogging site. Micro, because tweeters have just 140 characters to get their message across, but Wikipedia expains the Twitter concept quite well.

A follower, a person who also has a Twitter handle (or username) can choose to follow whomever they choose and they usually will follow another Twitter user with something in common with them. There are plenty of Twitter accounts within the aerospace and aviation industry. You can follow all the Flightglobal Tweeters here.

Stefan the Pilot organised a tweet up under the wing of an aircraft parked amid the static display at the Dubai Air Show.

Dubai Tweet up.jpg

A number of the industry’s Twitterati will be here at the Farnborough Air Show and we are sure we will be meeting up at some point. Please follow @flightglobal or @stefanthepilot for details of when a likely Tweet up will be. Stefan the Pilot looks forward to meeting you. 

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