On this day in 2000: Concorde Flight AF4590 crashed


Concorde graphic.jpgTen years ago today, a catastrophic fire took hold of Concorde’s port wing during the take-off roll, which began at 15.44 at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.

Flight wrote that the aircraft was the oldest operational Concorde, built in 1975. It entered service with Air France on 23 October, 1980. It had accumulated 11,989 flight hours and 3,978 cycles. Its last “C” check was performed on 28 April 2000, while a more extensive “D” check was completed in September 1999. 

Recent developments:

Blog: Learmount – Nailing the Concorde criminals

21 May 2010: UK officials defend Concorde’s safety standards as Paris trial continues

18 May 2010: Criminalisation of air accidents: the solutions may be forged in Europe


Flight recorded the accident in its 1-7 August 2000 issue –

In April last year, Max Kingsley-Jones and I went to Brooklands Museum, near Weybirdge in Surrey, UK, for the opening of the Concorde simulator.

The original full flight simulator used to train British Airways pilots was restored and made available for private hire.

The simulator forms part of the museum’s “Concorde Experience” based around the fully restored first UK production Concorde G-BBDG. See what British Airways’ last Concorde chief pilot Capt Mike Bannister has to say about what the aircraft was like to fly:


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