Question for Day 2 of Concorde Quiz

Concorde manual jkt.jpgIt’s day two of the Farnborough Airshow (which we are covering in depth here at our special site) so that means it is also day two of of Concorde quiz and time for a new question!

If you’re just joining us, each day this week we are giving away a copy of David Leney and David Macdonald’s new book Concorde: Owners’ Workshop Manual (above). The book is illustrated in full colour and provides a detailed technical account of the supersonic transport. For your chance to win simply submit your answer to the question below. One winner will be chosen from all of the correct submissions.

How many Concordes were built, including prototypes and pre-production aircraft?

A 20

B 16

C 7

D 14

Submit your answer by sending an email with the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the subject line.E-mail

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