James Bond autogyro creator unveils latest flying machine

A flying veteran, aged 94 has unveiled his latest flying machine according to a report from a UK daily news source.

Ken Wallis who invented and pilot of the autogyro, took off in his miniature helicopter reaching speeds around 80mph.

The autogyro, appeared in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice, uses natural air to power the overhead rotor, supplying the lift. The thrust is generated by the engine-powered rear propellers.

This most unusual way of soaring the skies is similar to a helicopter but with only one seat, it is a fraction of the weight and size.

Wallis holds records in the highest flight, travelling the length of Britain and soon plans to reach 140mph breaking his own fastest speed record.

More on bizarre attempts at flight

Over the years other bizarre and astonishing ways have been used, in an attempt to fly. In September 2008 a Swiss pilot nicknamed “fusion man“, scaled the length of the channel attached to a jet powered wing. 

Yves Rossy made the 34.5 km trip in less than ten minutes, averaging speeds of 100mph after jumping from a Pilatus Porter aircraft unfolded his 2.4m wing and engaged its four tiny jet motors. 

In July 2008 the first Martin Jetpack flight was made. The longest flight ever has been five and half minutes, reaching a mere six feet. At the time, estimates were made that within a year, adaptations could be made to allow the jetpack to fly for 30min and at 500ft.

By Alastair Clark, from Dulwich College, who is currently doing work experience with Flightglobal 

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