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Pause to remember AirTran & Southwest enmity videos

Following this morning’s announcement that Southwest Airlines will acquire AirTran, the two carriers begin the complex process of combining together: which aircraft to take, which cities to keep, and which ad campaigns to stuff in the closet and hope people forget about. OK, that last one may not be on the list but it is […]

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Chair mimics take off.jpg

Designer chair mimics feeling of takeoff

Ever wanted an aviation chair but had an unappreciative spouse object to putting real aircraft cabin seats–and thousands of buttock impressions–in your home? Here’s one solution: San Diego designer architect Dominique Houriet has designed the “Flyer” chair (above) whose “backward-canted seat offers the sensation of flight — specifically, takeoff”, the New York Times reports. With a […]

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VIDEO: Gordon Bennett Gas Balloon Race takes off from Bristol, UK

Powered By: VideoBuzz   The Gordon Bennett Cup, the oldest (gas) hot air balloon race was launched this weekend for the first time in the UK. Unlike a normal hot air balloon race, the balloons are filled with hydrogen and so 20 took off from a site in Bristol. The gas balloons are controlled by a […]

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Beriev Be-103 for sale, but there’s a catch…

Beriev Be-103

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Ornithopter Snowbird takes flight

News of an ornithopter with a wing span almost as wide as a Boeing 737 made it into my daily morning newspaper. The ornithopter, known as the Snowbird, was created by Canadian engineers, from the University of Toronot’s Institute for Aerospace Studies, has flown and stayed aloft by flapping its wings like a bird while the […]

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Gulfstream G650 goes pop culture with its own song

Aviation and music have long been intertwined, from dedicated songs like Leaving on a Jet Plane to songs associated–by our special aviation geek kind–to aviation, like Rhapsody in Blue. (School’s back in session so pop quiz! What airline uses the song? Answer: United.)Rap group Far East Movement (Far Eastern Air Transport, anyone?) wrote the chart-topping […]

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ANA 747

Sorry Steve Jobs but you cannot bring ninja stars on your private jet

AirSpacer user ksmd11 Aviation geeks know Japan as the home of aircraft–like the one above–painted with Pokemon, a distinct Japanese cultural creation. But another uniquely Japanese invention didn’t quite make it to an aircraft.Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was returning in July to America from a holiday in Kyoto and wanted to bring shuriken, […]

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Flight Control HD for PlayStation Move Gameplay

Here’s a PlayStation game video that involves landing aircraftt sent through to us by our ex-technical editor Rob Coppinger. Has anyone got this game? Any reviews?

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Lineage 1000.jpg

Lineage 1000 performs Embraer’s longest flight

It may not be Boeing’s record 21,601km, 22 hours and 42 minutes flight but an Embraer Lineage 1000, like the one below, recently (Embrarer won’t say when) performed the manufacturer’s longest flight to date, having flown from India’s Mumbai to London-Luton. The flight was 7,435 km and took 9 hours and 15 minutes. Embrarer reports […]

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Flightglobal: Recruiting now

Do you want to work for Flightglobal, the leading aviation news website? Take this opportunity to apply for these pioneering positions: We’re looking for a gamechanging, newsgathering News Editor who understands the print and online news agenda and has knowledge of digital publishing techniques. Flightlglobal is seeking a pioneering Managing Editor for Flight International, the weekly magazine […]

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