Beriev Be-103 for sale, but there’s a catch…

…the catch in question being the ‘crab’ variety, when it stuck its wing into the water while landing at Biscayne Bay near Miami.

Having clocked up just 438 hours from new, this aircraft is being offered at a knock-down price on eBay.


be103.JPG“Now the bad news,” says the seller. “The left wing is damaged and will need repair.”

If you’re feeling ambitious, and rich, and you know a mate who specialises in the aerostructures of rare Russian amphibians, then you’re about $125,000 and a mouse-click away from a fairly good dinner-party story.

Those of you whose pay grade remains an obstacle to such eccentric hobbies will just have to be satisfied with reading the NTSB findings and watching the video of the accident. Not too gleefully, please.

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