Designer chair mimics feeling of takeoff

Chair mimics take off.jpg
Ever wanted an aviation chair but had an unappreciative spouse object to putting real aircraft cabin seats–and thousands of buttock impressions–in your home?

Here’s one solution: San Diego designer architect Dominique Houriet has designed the “Flyer” chair (above) whose “backward-canted seat offers the sensation of flight — specifically, takeoff”, the New York Times reports.

With a generous width and wide armrests the chair resembles the form of the first class suite on Singapore Airlines combined with the colour of AirAsia X’s new lie-flat seats. Houriet was smart enough to design the seat for all ends of the premium passenger scale, obviously. The Times supplies more info:

The frame is slim but strong (41 1/2 inches wide and 30 inches deep), and the seat comes in a choice of fabrics: brindle hide or hand-woven nylon-elastic shock cord.

If it sounds swanky its $5,000 price tag proves your point, but on the upbeat side the chair is not made by Koito.

GE90 engines and vomit stains, for added effect, not included.

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