Q&A with Joanna Stanley: from cabin crew to aviation litigation

Joanna Stanley.jpg(Photo: Clyde & Co)

Londoner Joanna Stanley studied law at the London School of Economics, but took time out to work as an Emirates crew member before returning home and joining the aviation litigation team at Clyde & Co.

Why did you study law?

I was living in Tokyo and had been watching too many re-runs of LA Law on cable TV. Sadly, and although I enjoy my job, it’s not actually like that.

Starting out as an expatriate flight attendant sounds like an unusual career path for a London lawyer – did you have a plan in mind?

I had finished my degree at London School of Economics and been to law school in London. I wanted to see the world before continuing my legal career and thought that working for an airline sounded really glamorous. I applied to Emirates on a whim, and was stunned when I got the job. I only left Dubai because I was offered a job at a London law firm, which was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

What attracted you to Emirates?

Emirates was, and still is, a fast-growing airline with lots of new routes, and had a reputation for looking after its crew. In the cold British winter, Dubai sounded wonderful. It wasn’t the huge mega-city it is now, just a place along the coast from Abu Dhabi with big plans.

I had a fantastic time and I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

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