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2010: A review of the year’s airshows around the world

2010 saw the Flightglobal team cover airshows across three continents. Here’s a review of this year’s airshows.SINGAPOREThe biennial Singapore airshow kicked off the year and we used the show to premiere our new interactive version of our show news, Flight Daily News. It was a quiet show but there was one decent order, and that […]

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Remembering Alfred Kahn and deregulation

Much of the aviation news we cover and the airlines and fares you fly would not be possible without the work of Alfred Kahn, who died Monday at the age of 93.Appropriately referred to as the “father of deregulation” for aviation, Kahn as chair of the now-defunct Civil Aeronautics Board oversaw the dismantling of a […]

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2010: A review of the year’s first flights

Here’s our review of the year’s first flight highlights. Think a first flight we did not mention is worthy of being included? Let us know by leaving a comment.29 January: PAK FA FIFTH-GENERATION FIGHTERFlown from KnAAPO’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur site, the PAK FA was piloted by Sergei Bogdan, and “performed excellently”, says Sukhoi. Read more…8 February: BOEING […]

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Air New Zealand’s computer game-themed Christmas card

We’re still taking it easy for the holidays, so until we resume our normal coverage, enjoy this unique Christmas card video from–who else?–Air New Zealand, the airline known for its quirky videos.

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Photo: US Airways makes rule on carry-ons to North Pole

The holiday cheer continues on the Flight Blog, with this photo from (Santa) hats off to US Airways for having a sense of humour.This reminds me of the Alaska Airlines’ new baggage “rules” on flights from Alaska.

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Dump and burn

To avoid tariff, US claimed military jet fuel was for civilian use

The US misled Russia over the purposes of a fuel contract, a report says. Photograph: AirSpace user Dharmit Tariffs are biting aviation especially hard these days.In November Russian budget carrier Avianova said it would remove more than 20 seats out of the cabins of its Airbus A320s as a result of higher costs emerging from […]

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Aeroflot A319

#AvCablegate: Did an Aeroflot aircraft change hinder a murder investigation?

Photograph: AirSpace user joerg An Aeroflot aircraft change hindered Germany’s investigation into the murder of a former Russian KGB spy, a German official alleges in a confidential cable made public by Wikileaks. (We’re following aviation-related matters from “cablegate” with the #AvCablegate tag.)An investigation into the 2006 deathly radioactive poisoning in London of defected KGB spy […]

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PICTURE: Christmas over, Santa returns to his regular job: de-icing aircraft

With the holidays upon us we thought we should with you this photo from AirSpace photographer sunshine band. Sunshine Band captioned the photo: “When he is not building toys for good boys and girls, he is de-icing aircraft at Bangor, Maine, USA.”

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Festive funnies dug out from the archive

Looking in the archive we can see how Flightglobal used to celebrate the festive period. Here are a couple of discoveries. 1942   the second year of lighthearted breaks in the serious business of wartime aviation 2000 Uncle Roger’s festive quiz After Christmas lunch, why not escape more indulgence by putting your aviation knowledge to the test with this […]

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United 737 new livery.jpg

Here’s what United’s CEO thinks of the carrier’s new livery

So what does United chief executive Jeff Smisek think of his carrier’s new livery?With a laugh he jokes at an address in Sydney, “Well I created it so I like it a lot.” Replacing the name “Continental” with “United” in a new font on an otherwise Continental livery (above) has not proven popular with aviation […]

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