Air India sued over eating passenger’s forgotten sweets

An Air India A330 arrives at New Delhi. Photo: AirSpace user Jimster

Have you heard the joke about how at the end of a flight the crew reminds passengers to take all of their personal belongings, and if not the crew will keep forgotten belongings?

Well it turns out it’s not a joke, as Shriniwas Rai can attest to.

Rai, a lawyer and former Nominated Member of India’s parliament, arrived with his wife at Singapore’s Changi airport on 21 March. After deplaning he realised he had left on the aircraft three box of sweets from New Delhi and destined for friends.

Rai went to Air India’s luggage office where, Yahoo says according to court papers, “he was told no such bag was found on the plane. However, he noticed a half-empty box of sweets just before he left.”

An airline official confirmed the box was likely his and apologized. The other two boxes, which were given to the flight crew, were quickly recalled and delivered to Rai “within two hours”.

After Air India’s lawyers failed to turn up to court–ostensibly due to miscommunication–Rai received a default judgment for damages and costs, which he says he will donate to charity.

The one missing detail, just like last year’s incident of the Thai Airways chairman resigning after refusing to pay excess luggage fees for 230kg of fruit, is exactly what type of food he was carrying.

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