One dinner date you don’t want to attend

CO 787.jpg

Have you ever wanted to have dinner with someone in the aerospace industry?

Well here’s one dinner you don’t want to attend (not that you’re invited) unless you like crossed individuals discussing multi-billion-dollar purchases gone awry.

Tonight Jeff Smisek, the chief executive of United Continental holdings, the largest airline in the world, will dine with Jim Albuagh, the president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Smisek, like dozens of other airline chiefs, wants to know when his carrier will receive its first 787 aircraft after a fire during a test flight forced a delay.

During an address in Sydney, Smisek half-jokingly remarked, “I’m having dinner with Jim Albaugh on Monday and I’m not letting him out of the room until he tells me when I get the airplane.”

Bon appétit.


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