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Do you have what it takes to create an airline livery? Alaska Air wants your design

Have you ever wanted to design an aircraft livery?Here’s your chance.This spring Alaska Airlines will unveil a new 737-700 logojet promoting Portland, Oregon soccer team the Timbers featuring one lucky artist’s design.Visit the Timbers website for information and to download the design template to submit to them. Note the template includes the aircraft’s winglets, so […]

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Eskimo livery Horizon.gif

In America, opposites for rationalising new airline livery

People do not like change, and when it comes to re-branding jets that feature storied liveries, emotions run high.How airlines respond and rationalise their decision can be tricky, as two recent re-brandings illustrate.First was the re-branding following the merger of Continental and United. The new livery was Continental’s old livery albeit saying “United” in a […]

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Air Canada 77W

Should airlines support animal testing by transporting monkeys?

Air Canada 777-300ER departing Heathrow. Photograph: AirSpace user apgphoto Air Canada is facing calls from BUAV, a UK advocacy group campaigning to end animal experiments, not to transport monkeys destined for laboratory research.Over the weekend the carrier reportedly transported 45 monkeys from Beijing to Toronto and kept the creatures in crates for 15 hours before […]

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KLM USB tailfin.jpg

USB flash drive: meet an aircraft tailfin

In our line of work we see a lot of USBs from airlines, manufactures, and suppliers. They vary from being unbranded to having a simple logo to having the logo engraved in a bamboo casing to being combined with a laser pointer. (That’s the only reason we go to airshows: to collect the USB swag. […]

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SAA 737s

SAA to lose 737s after forgetting to renew leases

Cargo variants of the 737, two examples of which SAA will lose. Pohotograph: AirSpace user Keith Gaskell If you know of an airline with too much bureaucracy, please have them ship cartons of red tape and forms in triplicate to South African Airways.At the end of this month the carrier will remove two leased 737-800 […]

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Is Virgin America next for Neo?

One curious aspect of the IndiGo agreement to take the A320neo was the timing of its disclosure, just six days before Airbus would be commanding media attention at its annual event in Toulouse.   But one clue might be the fact that a source  (the same one, incidentally, who correctly informed us A320neo would have […]

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Branson AirAsia uniform.JPG

Broken leg delays Richard Branson’s flight attendant debut

Earlier this month on the slopes Sir Richard Branson broke his leg after a fellow skier crashed into him. (The other skier’s identity has not been released, but who wants to bet it was someone who did not get their upgrade after trying one of these excuses?)It was especially bad timing as Branson next month […]

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Approach Control screenshot.PNG

Best ATC-style game yet: Approach Control

When a flight delay gets long, I give in to my guilty pleasure: playing air traffic control-like games on my iPhone. Flight Control and Airline Conqueror are good, mindless fun to distract me, but after a few minutes I always find myself wishing they were more real.The two games, and others like them, take into […]

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PICTURES & VIDEOS: J-20 first flight – the camera doesn’t lie or does it?

China’s Chengdu J-20 has indeed been flown for the first time in public, as confirmed by numerous online reports, photos and video of the large, delta-winged aircraft getting airborne. Chinese President Hu Jintao also has confirmed the milestone. Earlier in the week the industry was speculating as to whether or not the maiden flight of the stealthy […]

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‘Sir Richard Branson promised me’: Virgin Atlantic reveals unusual upgrade requests

Undoubtedly the top wish of any traveler is an upgrade, but let’s face it: unless you shell out cash or miles, your chances are slim. But that doesn’t stop some people from trying.In a press release to spruik its Upper Class and how to pay to receive an upgrade, Virgin Atlantic has listed the most […]

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