Broken leg delays Richard Branson’s flight attendant debut

Branson AirAsia uniform.JPGEarlier this month on the slopes Sir Richard Branson broke his leg after a fellow skier crashed into him. (The other skier’s identity has not been released, but who wants to bet it was someone who did not get their upgrade after trying one of these excuses?)

It was especially bad timing as Branson next month was due to don a flight attendant uniform and walk the aisles of an AirAsia X A340 after losing a bet to AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending how you see it, Branson and Fernandes are not canceling the jamboree but re-scheduling Branson’s flight attendant career debut flight to 8 April, Fernandes says in a Tweet. Branson will still be on a STN-KUL flight.

So it will be a little bit longer until you get to see–unless you keep your eyes covered–this image on the right.

(Image: AirAsia)

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