Charlotte museum set to display US Airways’ Hudson River A320

US Airways A320

Okay aviation geeks, put Charlotte on your attractions list.

The North Carolina city’s Carolinas Aviation Museum is almost set to display the US Airways A320 that crashed into the Hudson River two years ago this month.

Museum officials “have all but finalized an agreement that would put the Airbus A320 on permanent display as a tourist attraction,” the Charlotte Observer reports.

Charlotte Mayor Pro Term Patrick Cannon has a unique vision for the aircraft’s display: place it in a pool of water.

“Potentially,” he tells the Observer, “(you’d) have the opportunity one day to actually walk out on the wings of this plane and look down as if you’re actually on the Hudson River itself.”

Since the 15 January 2009 landing, the aircraft has been stored in a New Jersey warehouse where museum president Shawn Dorch says the aircraft’s interior “is like a time capsule.”

“The Coke cans are in the food carts,” he says. “Except for the passenger belongings, virtually everything else is still in the airplane just like it was.”

Dorch tells the Obserber the museum beat out other institutions, including the Smithsonian, to acquire the aircraft. He declines to tell the Observer how much the museum will pay the insurance company that now owns the A320.

According to Dorch, his museum was selected because it wanted to display the entire aircraft, and also has a local connection: “This is a Charlotte story. The airplane was destined for Charlotte. There are so many survivors in Charlotte.”

Museum officials say the aircraft could boost the museum’s visitors by the thousands. The museum’s collection includes a Piedmont Airlines DC-3 and assorted fighter aircraft.

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  1. Milt 5 January, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    Uh, Check your geography……Charlotte is in NORTH Carolina.

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