Is Virgin America next for Neo?

One curious aspect of the IndiGo agreement to take the A320neo was the timing of its disclosure, just six days before Airbus would be commanding media attention at its annual event in Toulouse.


But one clue might be the fact that a source  (the same one, incidentally, who correctly informed us A320neo would have its first deal on 11 January, despite shrugs all round from Airbus) has also identified a certain US carrier as being lined up to take the re-engined aircraft.


Not a huge surprise, if it’s true. Virgin America has yet to sign on the dotted line for the 60 A320s it tentatively agreed to take at Farnborough 2010.


Twenty of those are post-2016 options, which neatly fall into the A320neo schedule. And Virgin America’s chief, David Cush, told Flightglobal‘s Max Kingsley-Jones at the time: “We’re hopeful that Airbus will come out with an option that will significantly improve fuel efficiency – and if they do, we plan on being the first in line.”


Airbus hasn’t quite said that it’ll be using its 17 January shindig to unveil another A320neo agreement. But you have to wonder whether IndiGo was sprung early in order to make room…

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