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US Airways 737-400

Bullet pierces jetliner, but it’s not the first time

As strange as it sounds that a stay bullet managed to pierce the fuselage of a US Airways Boeing 737-400 from Philadelphia to Charlotte and create a nickel-sized hole, it is not the first time such an incident has occurred.Granted, the last time a bullet struck a commercial jetliner in a civil environment it was […]

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If you write to a CEO to buy his airline, be sure to spell his name correctly

American Airlines Fokker F100 on push back with a MD-82 waiting for its gate at Chicago O’Hare. The F100 later went to Austrian Arrows. Photograph: AirSpace user apgphoto If you represent a company, such as Sterling Global Holdings, that intends to write out of the blue to the chief executive of AMR Corp., the parent […]

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Hong Kong Airlines 747-8I_2.jpg

Boeing’s website gives away Hong Kong Airlines order for 747-8I? (Update)

Update 1: Boeing has removed the 360 degree view of the Hong Kong Airlines 747-8I. It also removed Hong Kong Airlines from the 747-8I tails page. Curiously, Air China and Emirates were also removed from the tails page. Although Air China announced at Asian Aerospace it would order the 747-8I, the purchase was subject to government […]

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Boeing honours engineers to mark a 50th anniversary of American manned spaceflight

As the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s first American manned spaceflight approaches on 5 May, the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) decided it was time to recognise the achievement of the McDonnell Aircraft team of retired engineers and technicians who designed and built the Mercury spacecraft that took Shepard to space, and set […]

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Fyfe Simmons.jpg

Richard Simmons stars in Air New Zealand’s latest safety video

Those Kiwis are at it yet again with their funny in-flight safety videos with the latest iteration featuring fitness personality Richard Simmons conducting a “fit to fly” safety review covering “safety exercises” like how to put bags away: “Stretch it up to the overhead locker…stretch and slide! Yeah, you’re a giraffe!” Even chief executive Rob Fyfe took […]

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Tu-204SM under test in the snow

No real reason for putting up these photos of Tupolev’s new Tu-204SM being put through its flight-test programme, except possibly that the snow makes a fairly dramatic backdrop and, well, the Sukhoi Superjet is getting all the press.

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crj1000 cutaway.jpg

PICTURES, VIDEO & CUTAWAY: Bombardier CRJ1000 milestones in the Flightglobal archive

Flightglobal publishes its Bombardier CRJ1000 cutaway of the aircraft that was launched in 2007. Deliveries began in December 2010.  And you can see the dedicated page showcasing the aircraft. The page includes a flight test feature, a technical description, configurations, the CRJ programme dug out from the Flightglobal archive, images and latest news. You can also […]

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Penguins can fly actually and here’s a video to prove it

A plucky penguin has finally come to realise he will never fly, so adopted an if-you-can’t-beat-’em-you-may-as-well-join-’em attitude while waddling down the aisle of a Southwest Airlines aircraft. A group of penguin handlers were returning home to San Diego’s SeaWorld following a trip to a science convention in San Francisco. Passengers were treated to a science lesson about […]

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Delta 767

Delta pilot recounts overwhelmed Japanese ATC on day of earthquake

A Delta 767-400ER departs London Heathrow. Photograph: AirSpace user apgphoto A Delta pilot has recounted what it was like to navigate air space while attempting to land a 767 in Japan on the day of the earthquake earlier this month, according to a story that is making the rounds on the web. The pilot’s 767 […]

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Libyan crash site frozen in Google Earth image

While the Libyan conflict has rendered uncertain the progress of the Afriqiyah Airways A330 crash investigation, an eerie reminder of the accident has emerged from aerial photography over Tripoli. The image update on Google Earth clearly shows the wreck of flight 8U771 just a few hundred metres from the threshold of Tripoli’s runway 09.

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