Asian Aerospace: The media centre’s ironic sponsor

After last November’s uncontained Rolls-Royce Trent 900 failure on a Qantas A380 departing Singapore, the powerplant manufacturer’s silent response to the media and public was deafening.

Even now with new cases of oil leaks, Rolls-Royce is declining to comment aside from a lofty and generic statement they are committed to safety and are working with airlines. (In fact, the statement about the recent leaks has been regurgitated from the QF32 incident.)

You can thus imagine the surprise, confusion, and humour journalists confront when encountering the corporate-sponsored media centre at this week’s Asian Aerospace show in Hong Kong, three hours north of Singapore and Trent 900 problems.

The sponsor?

AA media centre RR-1.JPGAA media centre RR-2.JPGThe humour has not been lost on anyone, but on a serious note let’s hope this a start to better press relations with Rolls-Royce. (Or at the very least, help with their share price.)

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