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Best Use of Digital Technology - online training tool for Airbus pilots www.usebeforeflight.com, .

The judges (Jim Muttram, RBI Managing Director (@jmuttram) and Dominic Duffy, Chief Executive, Ceros (@dominicduffy) said: “There’s nothing fussy about the site and it seems to achieve its objective quietly and convincingly. Clearly the front-runner.

“This site is very focussed and sets out to do one thing very well. From the testimonials it seems they perform a very valuable function for Airbus pilots and the web technology does offer a considerable benefit (£3.75 an hour vs. £200 in a Sim).

“The site design is not very flashy but seems well liked by the audience and the flash training screens seem to do their job very efficiently. This gets my vote because it is web technology being used to solve a real problem for the benefit of aviation.”

UseBeforeFlight’s testimonial:


Best Use of Social Media- Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) launched in 2010 PT6Nation, a community for operators and fans to meet and share stories through words, images and video.

The judges (Sergio Mello, Chief Execuitive, SatisFly and Jon Ostrower, Flightglobal’s FlightBlogger) said: “PWC has successfully started the first OEM-run social network, stepping outside the bounds of the established networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but harnessing their integration.

“[It] [formed a niche community around its “PT6 nation” of 6000+ operators, by stepping past the traditionally conservative and risk-averse corporate culture that can slow the adoption of social media strategies. PWC has successfully developed a B2C tool to connect with its customer base in an open digital medium.”

Antonio Farragi, e-communications leader at Pratt & Whitney Canada on winning the category of Best Use of Social Media


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