Air sickness bag collection goes on display at Australian museum

Yeti Airlines air sickness bag2.JPGA collection of over 200 air sickness bags–unused, mind you–has gone on display at the Fully Sick! exhibition at Australia’s Museum of the Riverina in Wagga Wagga.

Collector and devout aviation geek Danny Cahalan started collecting the bags 20 years ago on a Paraguayan Airlines flight from Asuncion to Miami. Each of his 200 bags comes from a different airline, making him a bit of an expert on air sickness bags.

He tells that the worst design is the so-called “sic-sac” in which the bag is placed inside an envelope, requiring more time to gain access to it. Thick paper bags meanwhile are the best for “quick access”.

Yours truly has been known to collect the occasional air sickness bag, such as the one on your right from Nepalese carrier Yeti Airlines. Not only is it one of those thick paper bags giving “quick access”, it also displays instructions in pictorial form.

Not in Wagga Wagga? Have a look at another collector’s online museum of air sickness bags.

What’s the most unique, or strange, aviation item you have?

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