China asks North Korean heir to skip train for plane

Air Koryo IL62.jpg

The Chinese government has requested North Korean heir apparent Kim Jong-un to fly to China for his upcoming visit instead of take the train as his father has done. He’ll presumably fly on Air Koryo, whose Il-62 is seen above.

Diplomatic officials told Korean paper The Chosunilbo they would have a difficult time protecting Kim on a train, plus there would be larger backlogs wherever the train went. Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, is understood to have a “morbid fear of flying” that has sent him to China via train eight times since 2000. So fearful is Kim Sr that he reportedly skipped air transport for a 21 day train trek to Moscow.

Kim Jr, however, is believed to be okay with flying since he was schooled in Switzerland, which the Korean paper says “is out of range of the paternal conveyance”.

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