Christchurch airport dresses its jetways to the nines

CHC jetway.jpg

Readers of our Airlines Business blog may remember last month’s post in which publisher Mark Pilling shows some clever ads on a jet bridge at Cincinnati airport. For those of you who follow jetway haute couture, you need to check out what New Zealand’s Christchurch airport has done to its jetways.

The airport aims to immerse travelers in the South Island’s nature components (the nation’s big draw) before they event leave the airport. They start with jetways, which are decked out in floor-to-ceiling prints of rain forest photos (above).

CHC video wall.jpg“We wanted to virtually drop passengers into the centre of some of the South Island’s most beautiful landscapes”, airport chief executive Jim Boult says.

A soundtrack also plays nature sounds in certain locations of the sensory experience, which also includes Australasia’s largest video wall (right), comprising 54 screens, displaying nature scenes. There are also motifs of other nature elements.

For more, see photos here and a video here.

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