Flying club to land at 100 aerodromes in 24 hours

Six pilots from the Air France Lognes flying club are to take part in a challenge to land at 100 aerodromes in 24 hours as part of the Breitling 100/24 Cup challenge in June in a bid to promote general, light and business aviation and regional accessibility.

The Air France 100/24 crew consists of three private pilots, two airline pilots and a fighter pilot and they will relay each other in a Cirrus SR22.

The four-seat single engined aircraft has been chosen because of “excellent fuel consumption”,performance and has the latest aviation technology and “glass cockpit” avionics”.

Five touchdowns an hour must be performed along the route for refuelling and crew chageovers at speeds similar to that of Formula 1 Grand Prix pit stops.  The winning crew will be awarded the Cup on 22 June at the Paris Air Show .

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  1. Wastiau 16 April, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    That’s a damn good idea ! Please follow them up with FI. Let us know the results. Can we trace them live on the web ?

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