In the archive: Iconic front cover images

First ever Flight magazine cover Cody in his Flyer First ever Paris Air Show London from above The King's message Illustration aircraft in air, cavalry on ground illustration Fly BEA RAF's delta-winged Avro 707 Global Air Handley Page Herald 700 PIA Trident Hanover Show Report - Vinta of the sky Teal amphibious air test and cutaway drawing Concorde and Patrouille de France Boeing's Battlefield transport First launch of the Space Shuttle Boeing 767 in production Boeing 757 6 months in service report Countdown to Space Lab


This image is a heatmapped collection of some of Flight Magazine’s iconic front covers. 

As you will no doubt already be aware, Flightglobal has scanned in every issue, with a few exceptions, published since 2 January 1909 amounting to some 210,000 pdf pages.

However, there are some pages are missing. But, thankfully with your help, Flightglobal has been able to identify which pages and issues had not been scanned, and these will appear soon which will complete our valuable historic section.

There are three front covers in this heatmapped image that will not take you to the front cover page. But below we’ve provided links below so you can browse through the rest of the issue. See more on Flightglobal’s dedicated page of iconic front covers…


Thumbnail image for first-issue.gifSee the rest of the first ever issue







Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for issue-w757.gif 

 See the rest of this issue which features an in-service report for the Boeing 757  





Thumbnail image for issue-countdown-spacelab.gif



See the rest of this issue which highlights the countdown to SpaceLab 





When you click on each front covers there will be thumbnails appearing on the lefthand side of each page allowing you to browse the whole issue.

You can purchase the any of these front cover images, which are available as prints from the Flightglobal Image Store.

If you would like to suggest other iconic front cover images from the Flightglobal pdf archive, send links to Barbara Cockburn, Flightglobal’s content editor at 

This collection of front cover images (above) was compiled by Flightglobal senior editorial artist Tim Bicheno-Brown.  


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  1. anonymous 29 April, 2011 at 2:15 am #

    Having spent several years as a mechanical systems engineer on the shuttle program, I’m partial to any cover shot that shows the shuttle payload bay (so I can see some of my design work).

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