Kung fu for Hong Kong cabin crew

Hong Kong Airlines has invited all staff to undergo kung fu training to better equip them to deal with drunk and unruly customers.

kung fu.jpgThis action was decided following reports that the airline had to deal with an average of three cases a week involving disruptive passengers, according to Eva Chan, the carrier’s deputy general manager of corporate communication.

To make staff feel more able to cope with difficult situations, they are being taught ‘wing chun’, a type of kung fu to be used in close-range combat.

New Hong Kong Airlines cabin crew member, Lumpy Tang told the Sunday Morning Post:

“We were surprised in the beginning, but after a few lessons we really liked wing chun. You cannot predict what will happen on the plane, so wing chun is good because it’s so fast,” she said. “I feel safer because I can defend myself.”

While open to all staff, the training has been made compulsory to cabin crew members.

This entry was written by Danielle Richardson (@danielle_r), our intern for this week

Picture credit Rex Features

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