Latest business class luxury: Virgin Atlantic grows veggies and herbs on aircraft

VS veggies and herbs.jpg
Virgin Atlantic has pioneered customer comfort, starting with being the first airline to offer passengers at every seat a personal TV screen and then introducing its Upper Class Suite. Today that innovation continues with the carrier announcing it will start growing fresh veggies and herbs in a “patch” in the aircraft galley.

The premium service will initially be rolled out on a trial basis on flights to and from New York and London with the intention to expand the offering network-wide if successful.

The carrier tells BTN the herbs will be used in drinks and cocktails, including thyme for Bloody Mary’s and fresh mint for Mojitos, Pimms and tea.

The specific veggies served on board will depend on the destination of the flight, Virgin Atlantic says. Carrots, baby new potatoes and spinach will be available on flights returning to the UK. Miniature pumpkins and sweet potatoes will be grown on transatlantic flights to the USA, while Tokyo routes will have the choice of okura (okra) or shiitake mushrooms.

As this represents a new service offering, Virgin Atlantic says its flight attendants will attend a one day horticultural lesson at the Royal Horticultural Society.


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