TV presenter Bleakley wingwalks for Rio

Daybreak presenter Christine Bleakley recently took up wingwalking to promote the release of the 3D animated film Rio.

She described the experience as ‘completely insane and exhilarating’ adding it was like being in a Duran Duran music video.

The film Rio follows a young bird called Blu who isn’t capable of flying. Christine after wingwalking thousands of feet above the ground sympathised with Blu and said: “No wonder Blu doesn’t want to fly.”


wingwalking.gifShe explained the reason she did the stunt saying: “When the Daybreak office called me and said do you want to find out more about the big new animated film Rio, I said yes, of course, I’ll go!”

Although Christine knew she was in safe hands she has admitted that she’s isn’t sure if she’d like to do it again saying ”I don’t know if I could do it again, but it was absolutely fantastic, I’ve never ever felt anything like it.” 

Christine was fastened on top of a 1930 Boeing Stearman plane for and was fortunate to have clear blue skies and mild wind for the stunt.


This blog entry was written by Laura Ombelet, this week’s Flightglobal intern. She attends St Bedes in Redhill, Surrey.

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