10th anniversary of RAF C-17 operations

The UK Royal Air Force will complete its first 10 years of flying Boeing’s C-17 transport, with its use of the type continuing to run well above planned rates.

Seven of the tactical heavy airlifters are now assigned to 99 Sqn and flown from the RAF’s transport super-base at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

The unit’s final example, ZZ177, arrived at the site in mid-January, and has already completed its first missions into the UK’s current main point of focus for military operations: Afghanistan…. More…

The RAF’s site has this to say: “In Nov 2000, 99 Squadron (situated at RAF Brize Norton) was reformed to operate the C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

The first of the squadron’s four initial C-17s was delivered to the RAF The C-17 has become an essential component of the UK Strategic Airlift requirement and the original 4 leased aircraft were bought by the Ministry of Defence in 2008 along with an additional 2 identical platforms. The fleet will be complimented by a seventh aircraft in Dec 2010.”

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