70th anniversary of Gloster Whittle E-28 first flight



e28.jpgThe Gloster Whittle E-28 was the first British jet-engined aircraft to fly, although there is no mention of it in the Flight issue after the first flight which was reportedly 15 May 1941. 

The Gloster Aircraft Company celebrated a “decade of achievement” in 1951 by taking out an advertisement featuring an illustration of a model on a stand showing the Gloster Whittle E-28 in flight.

In 1946, the first prototype (serial W4041) was placed in the Science Museum in London, where it is exhibited in the Flight Gallery.

Gloster Meteor aircraft in speedy flight

September 1941 Jet propulsion of aircraft II

September 1941 Possibilities of jet propulsion

October 1941 Jet propulsion of aircraft

January 1944 A Great British Achievement

February 1946 Turbines for Aircraft

May 1951  Turbine decade

1971 Britain’s first jet aeroplane

Gloster Gladiator advertisement 



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