Branson invites passenger to dinner

Branson Sydney Virgin Australia.JPGHave you ever wanted to have dinner with Sir Richard Branson? Well earlier this month one passenger on a V Australia flight from Los Angeles got just that opportunity.

Branson was travelling en route to Sydney for the unveiling of Virgin Australia and took advantage of the empty business class seat next to him, Travel Weekly reports.

After picking up a flight attendant phone to get on the PA system and welcome the passengers on board, Branson announced the eldest passenger on the flight would get to have dinner with him.

Not only was Branson in business class, he was in row nine, which on V Australia’s Boeing 777-300ER is its own curtained-off cabin behind the bar and in front of premium economy.

No word, though, if the passenger got to stay in the seat to snooze after being dined and wined or had to return to his or her ticketed seat.

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