How lightning safely struck that Emirates A380

EK A380 lightning strike.jpg

The above screenshot of an Emirates A380 being struck by lightning while on approach to London Heathrow (full video below) may look scary, but our operations and safety editor David Learmount reminds us aircraft are designed to withstand such events.

As he told the Daily Mail in an interview:

‘Planes get hit by lightning several times a year,’ he said. ‘They act as a conductor. Getting a good strike like this can look very dramatic but it might not make any impact.

‘Manufacturers must make aircraft capable of withstanding a lightning strike and protecting those inside.

‘It means the plane’s body must contain metal so it can act as a conductor, allowing the electricity to pass through it.

‘If it didn’t have the metal, the plane could explode when hit.’

You can read our David Learmount’s “operationally speaking” blog here.

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