ANA re-launches 787 delivery webpage – ‘We fly 1st’

ANA 787 website.jpgANA today has re-launched its webpage dedicated to tracking the 787′s delivery and entry into service. 787 launch customer ANA prominently features its slogan “We fly 1st”, a date-neutral moniker unlike Singapore Airlines’ now infamous A380 launch customer customer slogan “First to fly. Experience the difference in 2006.” Entry into service, of course, slipped to 2007–not that the 787 has had its own delays, but the aircraft finally seems to be ready for delivery in August or September. Next month Boeing will bring a 787 to Japan for service ready, operation and validation tests.

“We fly with the Boeing 787 to the future,” ANA’s page says.

The new page has sections on the aircraft’s concept, cabin, comfort, specifications, environmental impact, contribution of Japanese companies, images, and the aircraft’s history–but most are still being developed and there are no visuals–yet–of ANA’s cabin.

You can view the website here and also follow the airline’s Facebook page here, where they are also providing 787 updates.

Boeing will also bring a 787 to the Paris Air Show, which officially kicks off next week although Flightglobal has been covering pre-show news. ANA is scheduled to make a 787-related announcement during the Paris Air Show. For all the Paris updates, follow our special section here.

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  1. Ben 20 June, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    I can’t wait to fly the 787, saying that I still haven’t been on the A380 – I was hoping to this summer with KAL’s new A380 but it’s not looking good :(

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