Parisian parking lessons, widebody aircraft style #PAS11

The 20111 Paris air show is offering some valuable lessons in aircraft parking skills.

First on Sunday was the now infamous incident of Airbus’s demonstration A380 that hit a building while taxiing at Le Bourget and subsequently lost its starboard wingtip fence, and became an Airbust. Korean Air permitted Airbus to perform with its A380, in town to show off its interior, saving the air show from lacking an A380 flying display.

Paris 2011 A380 damage.jpgLater that day Boeing demonstrated parking prowess when a Qatar 777-200LR cosied up on the static display to its big sister, the 747-8 Intercontinental, leaving less than two feet of clearance between its raked winglet and the 747′s forward fuselage. As a bonus, the 777′s wing has been providing rain cover to 747 visitors. (Rain at an air show? Sacré bleu!)

747 and 777 Paris 2011-1.JPG747 and 777 Paris 2011-2.JPGNot to be outdone, yesterday Airbus showed an A380 can, in fact, taxi without hitting a building or CRJ. The Korean Air A380 traversed along a taxiway so narrow its outer wing barely cleared an observation tower after passing over our very own Mary “Runway Girl” Kirby who happened to be in the area recording a video.

KAL A380 taxi Paris-1.JPGKAL A380 taxi Paris-2.JPGKAL A380 taxi Paris-3.JPGOne question: when Korean Air permitted Airbus to perform the flying demonstration with its A380, did Korean stipulate its pilots would be doing the parking?

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  1. Barbara Cockburn 21 June, 2011 at 9:07 am #

    Those Parisiens cannot park. I stood on the pavement outside the hotel on Sunday night watching frist of all, a man trying to get out of a tight parking spot, and it didn’s seem to matter that he was bumping into the cars either side of him. And then a woman attempted twice to perform a parallel parking move. It was embarrassing towatch – and she clearly had no regard for the car behind her as she continuously bumped and crunched her way in to the spot. That’s no way to treat a fiat 500, a car supposedly small and nippy it can fit anywhere. And very rudely did not leave a note on the car to apologise.
    Note to self… never drive or park in Paris unless I’m ok coming away with scratches to my car. I hope these people aren’t pilots on their days off!

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