The Gloster Meteor returns to Coventry

A Gloster Meteor T7 trainer returned this week to its home at Coventry airport to be put on show along with numerous other aircrafts the airbase has.

Before its move to Coventry the aircraft underwent a more than 10 year re-build project, which cost over £500,000.

The iconic Gloster Meteor was the first British jet fighter and the Allies first operational jet. Complete with a stylish design this twin-engined jet fighter had a length of 13.59 m, a wingspan of 11.32m as well as including 4 × 20 mm British Hispano cannons and rockets.

The aircraft type recently celebrated its 70th anniversary of its first flight.

Cutaway of the Gloster Meteor

This blog post was written by Aaron Bossey during a week of work experience with Flightglobal.




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