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Tony Parsons sets up camp at Heathrow for literary inspiration

What do you get if you have a journalist and/or author setting up camp in an airport terminal? A hopeful revival in airport fiction Man and Boy author Tony Parsons became the writer in residence at London’s Heathrow in early August to talk to airport staff and travellers for inspiration to write a new work of fiction. […]

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Nine year old wows Vietnam Veterans with Huey memorabilia

A nine-year-old has fascinated US war veterans and the public with his homemade website of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois nicknamed the Huey Helicopter. Kevin Dutton’s fascination began after a helicopter landed in his school four years ago. Kevin began collecting its memorabilia and created the website as a school project which has gone on to prove […]

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Pan Am TV series takes you back to when flying was the fun part of travel

  Remember when you could smoke in the aircraft cabin? Remember when the cockpit door was always open and you could request to go and have a chat with the pilot? Remember when you could show up five to 10 minutes before your flight, purchase your ticket and go, and air hostesses were hired for their looks […]

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Defence helicopters in the archive

To accompany this week’s magazine features on defence helicopters here are a few defence helicopter features from the Flightglobal archive. 1995: Apache wins UK heli battle 1995: A clash of cultures – Apache vs Eurocopter Tiger - Read Flight’s report about how France “deplores” the UK’s choice of the Westland/McDonnell Douglas WAH-64D Apache Longbow as its next attack helicopter, […]

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Vintage aircraft still flying

How to enjoy aircraft: Pore over old aircraft photographs, revisit the news and features written at the time by Flight since 1909, wander around aircraft museums admiring aircraft restorations. But perhaps the most fulfilling way, for the aviation-minded, is to experience them still gracing the skies. An experience many would describe as bringing tears to […]

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