Defence helicopters in the archive

To accompany this week’s magazine features on defence helicopters here are a few defence helicopter features from the Flightglobal archive.

1995: Apache wins UK heli battle

1995: A clash of cultures – Apache vs Eurocopter Tiger - Read Flight’s report about how France “deplores” the UK’s choice of the Westland/McDonnell Douglas WAH-64D Apache Longbow as its next attack helicopter, suggesting it is a “negative signal toward Europe”.

Helitech 95 preview

1994: The year of the tiger… about Netherlands newly created air mobile brigade

2 Dec 1980: RAF Chinook arrives in UK

1985: The Westland issue: Europe races to meet Westland deadline 

1985: Comment - Confusion over Westland

This weeks features include:

Royal Air Force marks 30 years of Chinook operations


UK’s Joint Helicopter Command keeps focus on Afghanistan


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