Vintage aircraft still flying

How to enjoy aircraft: Pore over old aircraft photographs, revisit the news and features written at the time by Flight since 1909, wander around aircraft museums admiring aircraft restorations.

But perhaps the most fulfilling way, for the aviation-minded, is to experience them still gracing the skies.

An experience many would describe as bringing tears to their eyes, goosebumps and tingling of the hairs at the back of the neck as they watch these iconic engineering feats grace the skies once more and often on the air show circuit.

In the UK, the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and the Shuttleworth Collection restore vintage aircraft so that thousands of spectators can still enjoy them in all their flying glory.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight performs flypasts at notable events, such as the recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with its old warbirds; the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfires. Continue reading … 

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