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BAe (British Aerospace) 146 performed its first flight on 3 Septmeber 1981 but the aircraft design is based on the Hawker Siddely HS 146 as described in an article in 1973. See also the cutaway drawing in the piece.

In the article BAe 146 described, published in the 2 May 1981 issue of Flight International, the aircraft would be able to fly 12-15 sectors a day. 165 miles in North America and 120 miles in Europe. It would chalk up 2,750 flying hours in a year and likely to be kept for 12-15 years before being sold.

BAe was asking for $10.5m for an 82-seat 146-100 and $11m for the 146-200. Read more about the benefits of the aircraft’s design including the wing design and the benefits of its t-tail.

It had 100, 200 and -300 variations. The equivalent Avro RJ versions are designated RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100.

The RJ85 was the first RJ development of the BAe 146 family, features an improved cabin and used more efficient LF 507 engines. Deliveries of the RJ85 began in April 1993.

Flightglobal’s Commercial Aircraft Directory noted that on “27 November 2001, BAE Systems announced the cancellation of the entire RJX programme, citing the poor sales prospects for the type in the aftermath of the “9/11″ attacks in the USA. When the last Avro RJ off the Woodford production line was delivered to Air Botnia in November 2003, total Avro RJ production had reached 173, of which 87 were RJ85s.”

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BAE test RJ waters

Bae 146 described


Cutaway BAe 146-200

Profile in commercial aircraft directory BAe 146-100 Flightglobal Image Store

BAe 146 on AirSpace

RJ85 on AirSpace

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