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Making aircraft, good; flying them, less so

Further evidence of a surging civil aviation economy comesfrom systems supplier Goodrich. Overall, sales were up 16% at $2.03 billion andpre-tax profit gained 34.5% to $300 million, and for the full year Goodrichforecasts a 15% increase in large airliner original equipment sales, assumingBoeing 787 and 747-8 schedules are maintained. Meanwhile, on the operating side of […]

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Innovation where it matters most

Full marks to Lyon-Saint Exupery airport for deploying technology to good effect. Noting that “wait times to pass through security are often a source of stress for passengers”, the airport now features signs on the public side of the concourse indicating estimated time from the end of the queue to the security gates, to help […]

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Soyuz off the pad!

A day late owing to ground fueling equipment glitch, but the European Space Agency has got its first-ever Soyuz mission off to a fine start from its new pad in French Guiana.More on the launch from hyperbola here and a great video on Soyuz and its Galileo payload from ESA

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Great image: Aegean Islands from space

Three passes by radar on the European Space Agency’s Envisat built this newly-released image of Crete separating the Aegean and Libyan Seas in the eastern Mediterranean. At the top is the southern portion of the Cyclades island group, including the islands of Milos, Ios, Anafi and Santorini. Each pass, in December 2010 and January and […]

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Will your image be THE image of 2011? The Flight International Front Cover Competition returns!

ENTER NOW! Upload your image TODAY to the Flight International Front Cover Competition gallery on AirSpace  (…by signing up to AirSpace and posting your image into the gallery)  The hugely successful Flight International Front Cover Competition is back for its fifth year, giving you another chance to have your best aircraft image featured on the front […]

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787 Tenth Anniversary Report

To make a Boeing 787 requires 62 miles of wiring (that’s a real Boeing-supplied fact) and enough carbon fibre to stretch to the Moon (I just made that up but it’s probably not far off). Even more impressively, the aircraft’s remarkable features – carbon composite structure, all-electric systems, big windows, higher cabin pressure, global supply […]

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3D? Actually, it’s real

From Dassault Systemes chief executive Bernard Charles, we get a fascinating look behind the scenes of the computerisation industrial revolution. Going back to 1988, DS and Boeing – already long-term partners and having already moved from 2D drawings to 3D design – decided to create the 777 airliner with no physical mock-up. This all-digital process […]

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AgustaWestland pins hopes on civil market

AgustaWestland is the latest UK defence contractor to announcebig job cuts, with up to 375 people to be laid off, largely from its Yeovilfactory, in response to reduced helicopter purchases by the UK Ministry ofDefence as well as slowing export sales. The exact number of redundancies isyet to be determined, and the company has launched […]

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Europeans more worried about climate change than economy

When it comes to climate change, the Atlanticis looking like a very wide body of water. According to a Eurobarometer studypublished today in Brussels,more than two Europeans in three see climate change as a very serious problemand almost 80% consider that taking action to combat it can boost the economyand jobs. The survey, carried out […]

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As the financial world burns, aerospace looks safe enough

The world may be clinging on by its fingernails for fear offalling into the euro crisis-Great Depression chasm, but there is still someencouraging news this week on the financial front in aerospace. Senior, the UK-based components and systems manufacturer, haslined up a new five-year £60m revolving credit facility maturing in October2016, with an additional uncommitted […]

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