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United Technology – less the Rocketdyne technology part

Three messages come out of the move by United Technologies – parent company of Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney and Hamilton Sundstrand – to rejig its plans for actually paying the $16.5 billion it’s soon going to have to lay down to close its acquisition of Goodrich. One: we’re not in 2007 anymore. Back in those […]

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Aviation – it’s a question of survival

While aviation people spend a lot of time and energy worrying about how to squeeze fuel burn a bit or if the wings can be bit more carbon fibre, the ultimate customers – passengers – seem to have very different concerns. Indeed, Gadget Duck’s pitch for the $18.95 Knee Defender suggests that passengers don’t give […]

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Airbus: ‘launch aid no great bargain’

Thenever-ending and why-did-it-ever-get-started transatlantic World TradeOrganisation legal battle between Airbus and Boeing over government subsidiesis certainly among the best lawyers’ pension schemes yet devised in the 21stCentury, and well-enough detailed here on as to demand nofurther illumination (until such time as something really happens, which couldbe a very long time if ever). Remarkably,though, the […]

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A380 wing cracks don’t spell more financial trouble for costly programme

Airbus has hit arough patch this year with revelations that cracks are developing in the wingson its A380 superjumbos, a problem first identified on three Qantas andSingapore Airlines aircraft back in January. But while the problem has attractedmuch media attention and is being taken seriously by Airbus engineers, theaccountants are non-plussed. Yesterdayin Paris, EADS chief […]

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The Airport of the Future

The 2011 Fentress Global Challenge outlines some visions of the future of airports

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VIDEO: Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 unveiled

Malaysia Airlines has unveiled the design and specifications of its first Airbus A380-800 aircraft. The aircraft, to be delivered in the middle of June, will have a new livery on its exterior, said the airline. The aircraft will have 494 seats in a three-class configuration – eight in first class, 66 in business and 420 […]

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