British Airways Dove-liveried Olympic Airbus

BAdoveairbus.jpgAs the London 2012 Olympics are fast approaching some sort of marketing initiative was expected from British Airways, that, in addition to calling London its home, is also a proud sponsor of the event.


Designer Pascal Anson has come up with a dove-like livery for one of British Airways Airbus A319s (see picture above). The artist was inspired while watching the movement of aircraft at London Gatwick airport and the design is aimed to play with people’s perceptions of flying objects.


As well as an international symbol of peace, Doves have a long association with the Olympics, as in ancient Greece they were used to send reports of what was happening, and, in modern times, they have featured prominently in some of the modern Olympics ceremonies such as that of London’s previous Olympics, in 1948.


The painting of the aircraft required a team of ten people and took 50 man-hours to complete, applying the 500 litres of paint in the process (see video below). It is the first time that BA has painted the whole surface of an aircraft that will continue to feature the traditional Chatham Dockyard Union flag.


The first stop of the aircraft will be today’s flight to Copenhagen but expect to see it represent the UK around Europe over the coming months.

You can find more pictures of this and other aircraft in the British Airways fleet in our British Airways gallery.

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