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Air show fatigue? What air show fatigue?

There was a time a year or two back when you would often hear aerospace companies bemoaning the fact that there were too many air shows, and that they no longer had the resources or inclination to go to all of them. Judging by this morning’s frantic activity on the opening day of the 2007 […]

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What do M-ICRO, M-YJET and M-ONEY have in common?

By Helen Massy-Beresford The answer is that they will all represent aircraft registered on the Isle of Man aircraft registry once it begins operating on 1 May.

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Has Safran survived the honeymoon?

[Flight International Editor Murdo Morrison writes:] I’m at the first half-year results announcement of the newly merged Safran at Paris’s opulent George V hotel, and the first test of how this very French marriage between aerospace giant Snecma and consumer communications specialist Sagem has got through its honeymoon (the merger was completed in May). Chairman […]

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Vie with Dubai

[Flight International Editor Murdo Morrison writes:] Like some create your own city state computer game, Dubai is building at a breathtaking pace: the Gulf sheikdom is constructing the tallest tower block, awesome resort hotels, a theme park bigger than Disneyworld, a new motorway, a “media city” and a second international airport, and all in the […]

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Trading places?

[Flight International Editor Murdo Morrison writes:] Which Western airline chief wouldn’t fancy being Akbar Al-Baker for a bit? The Qatar Airways boss has no stroppy unions, press or city shareholders to contend with, one of the shiniest new fleets in the world and is adding routes at the rate of almost 10 a year. When […]

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Flying with the Flying Eye

Justin Wastnage / Stapleford A spillage from a paint truck as it overturned leaving Staines was the joke on Thursday’s breakfast show on London’s Capital FM radio show, inspired by a real blockage to the city’s ringroad highway, the M25. Capital’s aerial traffic reporters, the Flying Eye, were dispatched to investigate the real accident and […]

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Blenheim Festival of Flight 14 August

Flight International subeditor Simon Rees writes about his experiences at the recent Blenheim Festival of Flight:   Despite the dicey weather, Blenheim Palace was the place to be for fans of classic aircraft and air displays last weekend. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ending of Second World War, the palace and Flight Festivals […]

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Steeper approach?

I was talking to a 747 pilot the other day and he asked me whether the aviation industry had considered steepening the traditional three-degree glideslope approach for landing to 3.2 degrees. The benefit would be that aircraft would come down the approach using less engine power, therefore burning less fuel, with the added benefit of […]

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