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Airbus presentation on revised stall recovery

This presentation by Airbus test pilot Xavier Lesceu (click here), given before a performance and operations conference in Dubai in May 2011, contains a detailed explanation of the blanket revision of procedures for stall recovery adopted last year. It’s particularly interesting to read in light of the revelations about Air France flight AF447, notably the observation […]

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AF447: After two long years, six short minutes

France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses has released details of the final few minutes of flight AF447, following the two-year recovery effort to retrieve the Airbus A330′s flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders. Presented here are the main sections of the BEA’s statement (in bold) and an explanation of the significance of each point:   01:35:46 The controller […]

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447 debris.JPG

AF447: Map of the debris field

France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses has released this striking map of the debris field from flight AF447, the Airbus A330-200 which crashed in the South Atlantic in June 2009. Click on the map for a larger version.

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Why is the AF447 search using our A321 cutaway?

Clearly visible in the background of this video about the AF447 flight-recorder retrieval is a cutaway drawing from Flightglobal‘s extensive collection of similar illustrations. But it’s a curious choice, the reason for which isn’t entirely clear: the aircraft in the diagram is not an Airbus A330, as might be expected, but an A321 – as the original image […]

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447 wreckage.JPG

AF447: More compelling images

Some images you might not have seen from the search for Air France flight AF447, taken during the initial dive that located the flight-data recorder. The final image gives an indication of the extent and nature of the wreckage field in which the search team is working. All images from Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses.

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For sale: Legacy that escaped Brazilian mid-air smash

At first glance there’s nothing unusual about this newly-listed advertisement, on an aircraft marketing site, offering an Embraer Legacy business jet for sale. But this particular aircraft, N965LL, comes with a dark history. It’s the Legacy which, under its previous registration N600XL and having logged only 19 flight hours, was involved in the mid-air collision […]

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Tu-204SM under test in the snow

No real reason for putting up these photos of Tupolev’s new Tu-204SM being put through its flight-test programme, except possibly that the snow makes a fairly dramatic backdrop and, well, the Sukhoi Superjet is getting all the press.

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Libyan crash site frozen in Google Earth image

While the Libyan conflict has rendered uncertain the progress of the Afriqiyah Airways A330 crash investigation, an eerie reminder of the accident has emerged from aerial photography over Tripoli. The image update on Google Earth clearly shows the wreck of flight 8U771 just a few hundred metres from the threshold of Tripoli’s runway 09.

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AF447: Should the flight recorder be in the fin?

As a new search effort for the wreck of flight AF447 prepares to set out this week, one of Flight International‘s readers poses the following question in our latest issue: When I saw a picture of the floating vertical tail of the Air France flight 447 Airbus A330-200 in the Atlantic Ocean, I started wondering if […]

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Is Virgin America next for Neo?

One curious aspect of the IndiGo agreement to take the A320neo was the timing of its disclosure, just six days before Airbus would be commanding media attention at its annual event in Toulouse.   But one clue might be the fact that a source  (the same one, incidentally, who correctly informed us A320neo would have […]

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