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Great dame! Meet Edna – US airlines’ weapon in the FAA funding wars

Edna, star of the US Air Transport Association’s advertising campaign about funding for the FAA’s next generation (NextGen) air traffic control system, likes to wear big wigs, but says she does not support subsidizing bigwigs – in this case, corporate or private aircraft, which the ATA says do not a pay their fair share for […]

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Stayin’ alive

After a hectic first three days of headline making, Paris must be slowing down, as Reuters took time out to interview actor, pilot and show visitor John Travolta, “looking relaxed and wearing sunglasses and trainers” (obviously not a journalist, then). He talks about flying the A380, which Reuters, ever the business newswire, uses as an […]

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590 and counting

Towards the end of every major airshow, my colleague Max Kingsley Jones totals up the sales announced by Airbus, Boeing and others and produces the definitive list of new orders placed at the show. With two days down I thought I would try to produce my own unscientific tally of orders announced at Paris (and […]

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Well someone has to fly them

Here’s a piece of Paris news that might get lost in the deluge of Airbus and Boeing order annoucements, but has a key role to play in ensuring all those aircraft actually get delivered. Canada’s CAE has signed agreements to develop and manage two training schools in India, which together will produce more than 400 […]

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Read this week’s Flight – of 1917, 1927, 1937…

Under the cover of a pseudonym, to protect my friends and family from repercussions and recriminations – okay, embarrassment – I participate in a forum for those like me who love cancelled and secret aircraft projects. It’s www.secretprojects.co.uk, and it is a very cool site. They have just discovered Flight’s online archive, which went live […]

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The view from Paris…Texas (almost)

I am not at Paris with my Flight colleagues, so I can review the day’s events from the air-conditioned comfort of my Washington, DC office. Looks like things went much as expected: Airbus and Boeing squaring off in the orders battle as Rafale and Typhoon duked it out for flying display honours. A couple of […]

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Paris, unmanned

There was a time when the first day of a Paris show would be marked by the unveiling of new airliners, business jets and fighters. Not so much these days. Except in the unmanned sector. According to the latest issue of Peter La Franchi’s Flight Unmanned newsletter, Italy’s Alenia Aeronautica has taken the wraps off […]

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NASA’s SATS – success squandered?

NASA needs a few successes. Its aeronautics research is in decline and disarray; the Space Shuttle is again grounded and the Space Station out on a limb; and its Apollo-esque “back to the Moon” vision is being greeted by as much scepticism and derision as shock and awe. NASA had a success earlier this year, […]

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US Army gets the goat

Why is US Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg buying goats? We don’t normally ask a question like this. But as we attempt to monitor the US military’s vast acquisitions of aircraft and the like, sometimes we find other things that make us curious. We do know that the army’s commandos intend to buy a […]

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Titlrotor thrill-ride impresses the press

US East Coast editor Stephen Trimble reports from the field: “Media day” usually means one thing to serious aviation journalists: FREEBIES! And the best freebie is a ride on a new kind of aircraft. So you can imagine the appeal of the V-22 Media Day on 13 July. I and about 50 other journalists showed […]

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