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Mulally – out of the ordinary

I knew Alan Mulally was out of the ordinary within seconds of meeting him some 14 years ago. Just appointed to head Boeing’s newly created 777 division, his corner office at Everett looked more like a hobbyist’s workshop than an executive’s domain with large parts of aircraft structure and various components littering the floor. My […]

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Gander terminal

Round the world (almost) by 727

There are few assignments these days that give you a chance to circumnavigate the globe, let alone do it by a true classic airliner – and all the while inspecting some of the most advanced composite manufacturing sites in the world. This highly unusual odyssey was set-up by Boeing which wanted to show the progress […]

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Hanging up his pilot’s helmet: Ken Higgins looks back over 40 years testing Boeing’s commercial aircraft

Yesterday Ken Higgins formally hung up his flying helmet as boss of Boeing’s extensive flight test operations after more than 40 years with the company. Staring out from his office window overlooking Boeing Field (pictured above) he admits it is tough to be leaving, particularly with the 787, 747LCF, 777F and 747-8 coming up, but […]

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Ghost Town: The end of the Douglas assembly line at Long Beach

It’s dark at 4.45am as I drive  through the side gate of the former Douglas Aircraft final assembly complex at Long Beach, California. This would be the graveyard shift had I been working here, but now – in late April 2006 – that phrase carries with it all the hackneyed double meaning of a cheap […]

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Scott Crossfield Tribute: Goodbye To A Test Pilot’s Test Pilot

I’m climbing up through 33,000ft (10,000m) over the bleached dry Mojave Desert as I write this. From my window on the port side of my United 757 I can see several kilometres to the north, the white expanse of Edwards AFB and its dry lakebed. It doesn’t take too much imagination to think that, 50 […]

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Airbus A380 on tour W44511.jpg

Inside the belly of the beast: Flight International’s pictorial tour of the A380

 In a world where new aircraft at air shows are about as rare as profitable US airlines, the mammoth Airbus A380 continues to hog the limelight wherever it goes. Singapore’s Asian Aerospace was no exception and, after witnessing another flawless A380 flight demonstration, Flight International did not hesitate when invited by Airbus to tour the […]

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