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Gol 737 collision diagram

Brazilian theories on the Gol crash and the treatment of the US pilots

Brazil‘s blog forums are buzzing, if you can read Portuguese, and there appears to be a concerted opinion forming. The topic of interest is the fatal crash of Gol Lihnas A駻eas flight 1907. Indeed, type in “V 1907″ into a blog search engine such as Technorati.com and a multitude appear, such as those from Varanda […]

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Breakfast at the Oriental – low cost launches

Airline launches are full of clich駸. New carriers often promise a “new chapter in aviation history.” Many announce a “new dawn in business travel” and the word “revolution” is bandied about as often as “solutions” at a software convention. The European launch of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines had all the old favourites, yet there was […]

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Tagging Air Force One: How the stunt worked

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. At twenty-five frames per second, Mark Ecko’s recent two-minute clip of him spray painting a graffiti tag onto the side of a US Air Force presidential transport Boeing 747-200B is worth over 3,000 words every time it’s viewed. And the maxim stands true if you count […]

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A typical EADS party

by Helen MASSY-BERESFORD, Flight International business reporter An EADS event is always a lavish – and often slightly bizarre – affair, and once again the company spared no expense as it unveiled the results of its “best financial year ever” in Paris on Wednesday. An “informal” dinner the night before the big presentation for the […]

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Going for broke

by Max Kingsley-Jones, commercial aviation editorThe failure last week of an A380 wing during static testing has left many wondering exactly what it means for Airbus and the A380. It was also an interesting case study in how to manage a potentially damaging story about what is a fairly complex engineering exercise.The failure happened last […]

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Saudi Arabia: the next tourism hotspot

Kamil wasn’t too pleased about me being on his back. Given that Kamil was a camel, I felt me climbing on his back was pretty much par for the course. But Kamil wasn’t having any of it. As I put one leg over, up he rose in the air, leaving your correspondent swinging down sideways, […]

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