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The US Air Force’s newest fighter stands poised to enter operational service this week, but with a new name. The Lockheed Martin F/A-22 is renamed the F-22A. The USAF’s official explanation says the ‘F/A’ designation was invented three years ago as a marketing tool aimed at selling the Raptor as a multi-role fighter to a sceptical […]

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Mystery: revolutionary helicopter ‘unveiled’ or massive typo?

  It is rare to spot something truly new in one of the hundreds of reports issued each year by US Department of Defense’s legion of internal think-tanks, much less learn of the existence of an undisclosed, revolutionary helicopter development project. But it can happen. And so it is with the recently published, 175-page report […]

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The Great Debate: UAV vs UAS

As far as unmanned aviation has come in the last decade, it remains the rare niche aviation market that can’t agree on what to call its signature product. As an acronym, do we call them a UAV, UA or UAS? As a word, should we describe them as unmanned, uninhabited or unpiloted? Never one to […]

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