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Understanding the Sao Paulo Tam air crash

Safety has again been brought to the forefront after yesterday’s ill-fated TAM A320 crash in Sao Paolo. The event is indeed deeply tragic; an Airbus A320 aircraft skidded off the runway onto a busy road,killing nearly 200 people,including some people on the ground as the aircraft spilled onto a petrol station. Although explanations of the […]

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Paris simulator challenge

Day 3 here at the Paris air show and the intake of caffeine is frightening as the long days begin to catch up with us all.

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Day 2 of the Paris air show

Day 2 at the shed and with multiple bacon sandwiches devoured the team are furiously trying to find out the latest from the Paris air show. The weather seems to be holding at overcast, which is fantastic for us as there is a growing suspicion that our office has a leak in it. What has […]

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Paris air show: More than just a aircraft showcase

The afternoon has begun with a showcase of a multitude of different aircraft; from the Airbus A380 (which was noticeable for its surprising quietness despite its impressive size) to the Eurofighter Typhoon (which was fast and unsurprisingly loud) The variation in aircraft has been matched by the eclectic selection of music. Sitting in the editorial […]

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Paris air show begins

The Paris air show week begins today and already there is a frenzied excitement as all the journalists scurry around to find out the latest news.

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Can you win the Microsoft paper plane challenge?

Bored? Got that Friday feeling?Then why not try throwing a paper plane out of a window? To celebrate the release of Flight Simulator X, Microsoft have released a quirky game that challenges you to see how far you can throw an imaginary paper airplane. By using your mouse alone, you can attempt to throw the […]

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