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VIDEO: Display highlights from the Paris air show #PAS13

View the visual delights from the flying display at the Paris air show. Footage is courtesy of FLIR Systems.

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VIDEO: John Travolta talks Challenger 350 at #EBACE13

Look who’s talking about the Challenger 350 at the Bombardier stand at EBACE 2013, renowned pilot and actor John Travolta. Billypix Bombardier invited its most famous Challenger 601 pilot and owner on a recent test flight and simulator ride for the new Challenger 350. To a crowd of hundreds gathered around the mock-up of Bombardier’s […]

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PICTURES: Take a look inside Berlin Brandenburg Airport #ILA12

Credit: Colin Miller This year’s ILA air show is for the first time based at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport.  The focus in the build up to the show however was this particular showground, but rather something positioned directly next door. Officials reviewing the readiness of Berlin’s brand new Brandenburg Airport concluded recently that too much […]

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PICTURE: Eurofighter Amateur Photography Competition picks best in class #ILA12

Credit: Gaz West This extraordinary image from Gaz West took the winning prize in the second annual Eurofighter Amateur Photography Competition.Amateur photographers from across the globe submitted their best images for consideration, and entries came from as places as diverse as Malaysia, India, Slovenia, Turkey and Bulgaria. This striking winning image will be on the […]

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Vintage aircraft still flying

How to enjoy aircraft: Pore over old aircraft photographs, revisit the news and features written at the time by Flight since 1909, wander around aircraft museums admiring aircraft restorations. But perhaps the most fulfilling way, for the aviation-minded, is to experience them still gracing the skies. An experience many would describe as bringing tears to […]

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PAS11 orders total-2.jpg

Final tally of Paris air show orders #PAS11

We’re wrapping up the Paris air show and bar any successful last-minute negotiation, we think we’ve managed to list all of the commercial orders for 100 seats or more that were announced (either firm, MoU, or announced but previously disclosed) at the 2011 Paris air show.(If the jet fuel is getting to us and we […]

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Neo orders June 2011_2.jpg

Photo collage of neo galore orders during the last week #PAS11

The last week has seen an onslaught of orders for the Airbus A320neo family, most placed during this week’s Paris air show. Here’s a visual representation of all of the orders (a caveat: Air Lease and Alafco were left out as no visual renderings were released with their purchase).

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Airbus Embraer A380.jpg

Caption this photo: Airbus gives Embraer A380 model after wingtip incident #PAS11

Airbus says that chief executive Tom Enders gave his Embraer counterpart, Fred Curado, a model of an A380 as a “piece” offering after the wing of Airbus’s demonstration A380 hit Embrarer’s building at Le Bourget airport on the Sunday before the Paris air show. (See photos of the damage here.)What caption do you have for […]

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PAS11 orders Thurs 130pm.jpg

Paris air show day four orders so far #PAS11

Here is the latest–and likely final–order tally for Thursday of the Paris air show.Notes: the AirAsia A320neo order did not include any options in the final signed contract. Although Airbus announced the order of 10 A380 aircraft was from an undisclosed customer, it is to our understanding the order is from Hong Kong Airlines.

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PAS11 orders Weds 530pm.jpg

#PAS11 day three orders so far

For aircraft above 99 seats:

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